Student media editors recruit new members

With the end of the year quickly approaching, students will soon be choosing which classes to take for the 2015-2016 school year. Recently select Journalism 1 students received special invitations from current student media editors, encouraging them to join the publications staffs next year.

“We are going to lose a lot of good talent — Erin Sheridan, Emily Dubec Hunter, Jessica Whaley, Molly Minta and Katie Garwood,” student media adviser Mark Schledorn said. “They’re all really top notch-leaders, but I think we have some really good kids to replace them. Journalism 1 has a lot of kids this year so that means a larger talent pool to draw kids from.”

The step up from Journalism 1 to being a student media staff member means a step up in responsibility as well.

“Being an editor obviously entails editing writing, but what people wouldn’t necessarily expect is that it also entails managing the people on staff. It has taught me skills you need to work with all kinds of people,” said Minta, who is co-editor in chief for the Roar news magazine.

Minta said when it came time for her to consider joining a publications staff two years ago, the decision was a “no brainer.” She had always liked writing and wanted to take every opportunity she could to develop as a writer. Publications is not for everyone though.

“Student media members have got to be team players and have enthusiasm,” Schledorn said. “The ability to make deadlines is key because deadlines are real. Its not like in class where a teacher can just cut you some slack. Publishing companies won’t cut you slack, and you have to make those deadlines no matter what. Communication would be a good thing as well, you have to be able to not be scared to go out and talk to people because you’ll be gathering information all the time.”

By Kelly Batache