SRO warns speeders, careless parking lot drivers

Concerned parents have been e-mailing School Resource Officer Charles Landmesser with complaints about drivers speeding on Wildcat Alley which is 15 mph zone before and after school.

“Parents have come to me saying they want me out there with a [speeding] radar,” Landmesser said “I don’t really feel like doing that and giving someone a $350 ticket for something silly like that.”

Landmesser says that before students get to Wildcat Alley after school, they frequently hang around the student parking lot playing music and acting reckless while other students and teacher are driving.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of what I like to call shenanigans. I don’t think the students realize they can be ticketed for careless driving,” Landmesser said.

The student parking lot isn’t soley for students. The lot is shared with a few teachers.

“I won’t mention names, but I’ve had kids try to open my door while my car is moving or jump in front of my car. The other day I almost hit a girl,” HOPE teacher, Stasia Burdett, said. “Thank God I’m paying attention. I’m scared that one day I’m going to not be paying attention and hit one of them.”

Landmesser says students are asked to remember that parking in the lot is a privilege that can be taken away at anytime.

By Millie Rosasco