SGA members to volunteer at Senior Boards

Due to the lack of members volunteering from the National Honors Society, members of the Student Government Association have the opportunity to volunteer for Senior Boards. SGA members will be taken out of class from noon until all presentations are completed Wednesday. Students are to sit in classrooms all around campus while timing the seniors’ presentations and occasionally getting snacks and water for the judges. Community service hours will be earned depending on how long the boards last.

Sophomore Stephanie Gaulin is interested in listening to the speeches.

“I am excited to get the opportunity to sit in and listen to the seniors speeches,” she said. “I believe it can help me in the future by preparing me for when I am a senior. When [senior seminar teacher Jessica] Hartman opened up the opportunity for all SGA members, I was the thankful since I am in need of community-service hours. I think volunteering for senior boards will give me a better representation of a full researched project and my help me in other classes.”

Sophomore Anyah Clarke said she’s anxious about to having the responsibility of timing seniors.

“I am more nervous about messing up the timing than getting food and drinks for the judges,” she said. “That is the last thing I would want to do because I feel like I have students’ hard work in my hands. I am volunteering because I want to see some interesting senior projects, and it will be more fun than sitting in a classroom. Also, I feel like I would gain more knowledge about public speaking, and I expect to gain experience from it. This is my first year in SGA, so I am happy to have this opportunity and be able to receive community service because it is needed.”

By Isabella Serrano