SGA anticipates upcoming projects

“[Student Government Association] is going to do something soon to recognize other students” Mr. Sarver, sponsor of SGA, told of his excitement for the upcoming SGA project. “They kind of came up with a shell of an idea and they’re going to plan it out better”

SGA has upcoming meetings to discuss new projects next week. The meetings are often scheduled by how many projects are being planned.

“I like the teacher appreciation week because giving presents is fun” junior Lili Tzou said.

The projects are run mostly by the students themselves.

“In my view [SGA] has improved tremendously for the last three years. They’ve assumed roles that previously I had to do,” Sarver explained about the improvement of SGA throughout the years.

SGA is going to meet two or three times a week when more projects are happening. Right now they are not going to meet that often since they have finished planning homecoming.

By Aakilah Hernandez


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