Seniors prep for board presentations

Seniors gather everything they’ve made and written since day one of their senior projects to prepare for April 25, the day when they present to a group of community members.

Senior Project coordinator, Mary Nelson, said this year’s projects have gone pretty well, but presenting time is near, so there are specific things that happen before then.

“The community members are trained in the auditorium and then they go to different classrooms,” Nelson said. “And then students are placed in group of threes and there are three different presentation times, so there are nine classrooms.”

Senior Projects do take a lot of time,so the seniors get time to rehearse and practice before they present the real thing.

“They do classroom practice in classrooms where the teachers will let the students go in and practice, Nelson said. “They do outside practice as well.”

Senior Hannah Kent said she is nervous for when it comes to presenting.

“This is what I am nervous for, because I personally am not good at presenting. But my project is something I’m comfortable talking about, which should help bring down my nerves.”

By Annelise Williams