Seniors cap projects with presentations to judges

Senior Projects were presented to a board of judges April 22, marking the last major event for 12th-graders before graduation.

“I am really relived to finally finish the project,” said Jamie Rushnell, who built a remote-controlled helicopter.

Erna Roth said she too is glad the experience is over.

“It is absolutely amazing and I feel like a lot of stress has vanished and I can fully enjoy senior year,” she said.

Seniors practiced their speeches many times before presenting in front of the judges. They visited classes to refine their speeches in front of a live audience. Those in the audience would watch and grade the presenters on how they did according to a rubric.

”We had practices a lo,t so I was very confident and ready to speak in front of the judges,” Rushnell said. “Oddly before my speech I was very calm and not nervous at all. Then I got into the room and became slightly nervous. Once I began my speech though I wasn’t nervous and even had fun presenting.”

Presenters received their judges’ scores on April 25.

“I got a 97 on my project and a 96 in my speech,” Rushnell said. “I thought I did a great job.The project could have been done a little better but for the most part it went exactly as planned. Now I’m very relieved to be done with Senior Project and nervous and excited to start college.”

Roth also reflected on her outcome.

“I got a 91 on my project which is pretty good, better than I expected,” said Roth, who made different dishes from around the world and hosted a dinner party.

“I did not complete my project to my fullest abilities, but I could really say this was my project, no one else’s and that’s great in every way,” Roth said.

By Tess Landis