Senior Class to discuss fund-raiser Thursday

Senior Class club is holding a meeting after school on Thursday in the cafeteria to discuss its upcoming fund-raiser plans to design either hoodies, crew necks or long-sleeve shirts. The proceeds for this fund-raiser will benefit the Senior Breakfast which will be held in the spring.

The club originally planned to design hoodies, however, these would be in competition with the PTA’s latest sweatshirt designing fund-raiser, so the members of Senior Class must decide whether to continue with their hoodies, or design crew necks or long sleeve shirts instead. They will cast a vote on what merchandise to sell at this meeting, and there will also be a poll for members of the Class of 2014 Facebook page.

“I am leaning towards long-sleeve shirts since PTA just had a design contest for sweatshirts,” Senior Class President Jenna Winter said. “Plus, you can wear long-sleeve shirts more often in the Florida heat than you can sweatshirts.”

Ultimately, the seniors must determine which article of clothing will benefit their club the most.

“I think selling hoodies will generate the most funds because most seniors seem to prefer them over the crew necks and long sleeve shirts, but overall it is hard to tell which will be most successful,” Senior Class Secretary Vincent Guglietta said.