Scholastic Art and Writing contest now accepting submissions

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is now accepting applicants for its 2014 contest. Students can submit their literary and artistic works for the competition by creating an account of the program’s website and uploading the work.

Art categories stretch from architecture to jewelry, and writing categories vary from journalism to science fiction, and everything in between. Works may be published in The National Catalog and The Best Teen Writing publications and exhibited at art museums around the country. Certain winners may even receive scholarships.

Art teacher James Finch said he likes art contests and shows because they give his students an opportunity to display their artwork.

“I absolutely love these types of contests,” Finch said. “I’m driven to encourage my more advanced students to participate, just so they can see how people react to their art.”

English teacher Adrienne Gent said she thinks any programs that help students show their writing talents is beneficial to their writing development.

“Any type of scholarship or writing contests are great because they give kids a chance to showcase their talent,” Gent said.

Submission fees are $5 per individual work and $20 per portfolio. The deadline for the regional competition is Jan. 6, 2014, regional winners will be announced Feb. 7, 2014.