Pumpkin-grams on sale in cafeteria


Natalie Brown

Guidance Counselor Dina Dearmin sells pumpkin-grams.

The West Shore Future Educators is selling Pumpkin-grams as a fund-raiser in the cafeteria. For only 50 cents for one or three for $1, students can leave a message in the card for a fellow student. teacher, or anyone they care about. Cards  will be delivered on Thursday just in time for Halloween.

“The Brevard Futures Association, a club for kids who want to get into education, will be able to go to the state conference in Orlando,” said club sponsor Dina Dearmin, who is raising funds to offset the trip’s cost. We’ve been doing fund-raisers over the years in order to raise funds to go to the state conference.”

All proceeds from the pumpkin grams will go to paying for the hotel rooms and fees that come with going to the state conference.

“I hadn’t heard about the fund-raiser until this year but I look forward to buying some Pumpkin-grams for my friends,” senior Jessica Blanco said. “I feel really out of the loop because I haven’t heard about these before.”