Powderpuff practices limited to six

Melek Turkmen, Staff Writer

Powderpuff season is in full swing, but this year the rules have changed. A six practice limit on school campus has been instituted, and those practices could start before Sept. 14.
Junior Briana Sandoval, one of the choreographers for the junior boys’ dance team, expressed frustration.

“There is not enough time to learn everything in just six practices,” she said. “The other choreographers and I had to plan a lot of practices outside of school at Ballard Park.”

So why the rule change?

“West Shore has many student athletes who participate in fall sports,” athletic director Tony Riopelle said. “It really hurts those sports because, a lot of people can get injured during Powderpuff practice, and we’re trying to prevent that.”

Junior Matthew Jones said the new practice limit isn’t much of an issue.

“It isn’t really that big of a deal,” he said. “We already have learned the routine off campus. The only slight problem is that we won’t know the exact positioning on the field.”