Parking lot painting sign-up this week

Students who drive to school paid $25 during registration for the privilege to park in a school lot, but that price didn’t guarantee a specific spot. Beginning today seniors will be able to purchase the right to paint personal spaces for $15, to mark a specific spot that will be theirs throughout the year.

“I was kind of upset that it wasn’t well-advertised,” senior Alannah Stewart said, “I’m not too upset though, because my spot is never taken in the morning and I can just buy it tomorrow.”

Those purchasing spots on the patio during lunch from Senior Class Sponsor Sue Woyshner will have to provide their own paint, and in order for the paint to last, it must be waterproof or acrylic. Students will be able to decorate their spots Saturday at 10 a.m.

“This year we really want the cost of senior breakfast to of zero cost,” Senior Class President Jenna Winter said. “The money from this fund-raiser will go to this event.”