NJHS officers give thought to food drive

National Junior Honor Society officers Sarah Metzler, Rachel Benezra, Madeline Humberland, Lucas Goldfarb, and Lily Winsten reflect on their club’s collection for Food For Thought, a not-for-profit organization that provides nonperishable foods to people in need. All donations were collected Nov. 8 from all first-period classes in order to be delivered to shelters and food banks around the community.

“We’ve all brought in items because this started out as our fund-raiser and it will continue to be our fundraiser but it’s important for us to participate first, to show that it’s not just on other people,” freshman Rachel Benezra said.

Freshman Lily Winsten completes her fellow officer’s thought and seems to think by their participation many others will donate too.

“It sets a good example for the rest of the school,” Winsten said. “They see their officers participating and they see that this really means something to people.”

For instance, freshman and officer Sarah Metzler led by example.

“I brought in about 10 cans today and brought in a couple last week,” she said.

Freshman and officer Madeline Humberland appeared to be proud of their work too.

“Especially around the holidays, it’s a really good time because a lot of the people they have like volunteers at the things and the shelters for like Thanksgiving and stuff,” she said. “So all the food will go there and then they can still have like a feeling of like celebration or like happiness around the time. They could still be getting things even though they’re not as fortunate.”

Not only does this drive seem to make the officers feel good but it is also assumed that it makes those at the shelters or that are in need feel good too.

“It definitely makes them feel like they are heard, that we understand what situations they are in, and that they have people who are supporting them,” Metzler said.

Although the drive is over, the officers say that they wish more can be done.

“We have parents who provide for us and give us everything we need,” Metzler said. “It’s hard to believe that other people don’t have that help and support from their family members.”

Freshman Lily Winston agrees as she seems to want her fellow Wildcats to get more involved and put others first.

“We all know that we’re definitely very fortunate for what we have,” she said. “So if we have these chances to try and give back to just the community or just help people out who kinda need that extra support or people or whatever they need. So we want to try and help.”

NJHS thanks all participants who’ve donated, especially the first-period class that donated the most, so listen up for announcements for the winner and future NJHS service projects.

“Winners will get a popcorn movie party,” Rachel said.

By Sierra Vehec