NHS prepares to say farewell to seniors

National Honor Society is planning a senior sendoff ceremony on April 29 and that leaves senior NHS Secretary Erin Sheridan with mixed emotions.

“I am sad to leave the officers as one of them is my best friend [senior Taylor Irwin] and we aren’t going to the same college,” Sheridan said. “In my head I just keep thinking if I want to keep the relationship with them, then I just need to make the effort in the future. I think that the feeling of leaving West Shore and NHS will really sink in at senior sendoff.”

Sheridan said she cherishes the memories she has made while in NHS and encourages others to join.

“My favorite moment was doing a luncheon for the staff that aren’t teachers because we really made their day brighter,” Sheridan said. “They were so appreciative and really enjoyed having us serve them lunch as well as reading the cards we wrote to thank them.”

NHS sponsor Melissa Henderson has been busy as of late due to preparing for upcoming events including another Random Act of Kindness during Teacher Appreciation Week and NHS officer elections in May, but she said she is trying to focus on senior sendoffs because it’s the next thing on the calendar.

“We will have a surprise guest speaker, the jazz band will perform and we will announce where the seniors are going off to college,” Henderson said.

Due to the seniors graduating, most of the officer positions will be available.

“We don’t necessarily have any criteria to be an officer, but you might have to get a recommendation from another teacher at West Shore and cannot be an officer in another club,” Henderson said.

For more information on NHS, visit Henderson in Room 4-203.

By Juan Rodriguez