NHS pet food drive ends Friday

National Honor Society currently is holding its first non-affiliated pet food drive to collect wet or dry cat and dog food. The drive, which lasts through Friday, was initiated to help senior members earn the 20 points they need in order to wear NHS stoles during next month’s graduation ceremony.

“I don’t know much because it was kind of just thrown together,” NHS sponsor Missy Henderson said. 

Despite the spur-of-the-moment organization, the drive serves a good cause, according to sophomore Ollie Anderson.

“I hope NHS still gets a lot of donations because it means so much to the people who will get the donations like these,” she said.

Henderson also stressed the importance of the drive.

“I think its huge,” Henderson said. “I have two dogs, and pets are family.”

In the past, this drive has been connected to various Senior Projects, but not this time. In fact, where the donations will end up still has not been determined. 

“Even though key things are still up in the air, I think it is super important,” Henderson said. “And it is especially close to my heart.”

The pet food drive reminds Anderson just how important her pets’ needs are.

“My two dogs, Rebel and Sandy are cared for too much,” Anderson said. “If I couldn’t feed them I’d be so sad, but if I got donations like these it would make me the happiest person on earth because they’re my best friends.”

Henderson seems to care for her pets a lot too.

“I definitely do not think they are equivalent to human beings,” she said. “But they are pretty darn close.”

NHS gives any member who donates $5 three points and allows members to earn up to six points.

“It’s a win-win,” Anderson said. “Seniors get their stoles and struggling pet owners get to keep loving their pets.”

Additional donations may be made in Room 4-205.

By Sierra Vehec