Next year’s senior class elects officers

Candidates for Senior Class officers gave their election speeches on Monday, April 28 during homeroom, which was then followed by the voting. The winners of the elections were then announced at the end of seventh period on Wednesday, April 30. The Senior Class representatives are President Jonathan Wakim, Vice President Naeem Motlagh, Secretary Justin Cruz, Treasurer Joseph Along, Historian Megan Turingan, and Communications Officer Darshan Ghayal.

“We are going to be taking our positions very seriously next year in order to make senior year as successful as possible,” Motlagh said. “We’re going to be planning a lot of fundraisers in the beginning of the year to ensure that we have enough money for all of the senior activities.”

One goal that the officers are prioritizing for next year is lots of communication that will ensure to include the entire class in hopes of having more class participation at fundraising events and other senior class activities. According to Along, communicating all of the positive benefits of the fundraisers to the class is one way they plan to increase involvement of the students.

“It’s more of coming together and finding ways to maximize money by advertising and letting the student body know how much money we have and how much we need to raise,” Cruz said. “It’s not the officers’ money, it’s the class’s money, so communication is very important for next year.”