Netflix’s proposed changes draw concern

Netflix currently has approximately 221.6 million paid subscriptions in the first quarter of 2022, making it the current top-grossing streaming service in the world. Founded in 1997 primarily as an entertainment rental service, it slowly shifted into a streaming pioneer, helping pave a way for the myriad services available today. But the company is thinking of altering the viewers’ experience due to a recent drop in income. 

“I think Netflix became so successful so quickly because it gave people a network where they have direct access to numerous movies and shows at the click of a button,” senior Petra Kohler said. “Beforehand, to access movies and shows like that you’d have to get lucky with the timing on TV or rent out on Redbox. Which just simply isn’t as convenient.”

The way Netflix makes money in two primary ways: companies pay for their movies to be a part of the Netflix catalog, and through viewer subscription fees. Originally the company had no reason to include advertising on its platform, but after the company has taken consistent losses in recent months, it’s looking to introduce a new revenue stream.

“I think Netflix should not add ads because it has never had ads. Adding them will just ruin what we liked about it,” junior Skye Kohler said. “There’s no difference between Netflix with ads and just watching cable or YouTube.” 

Netflix says the move to advertising might be necessary because its subscribers continue to share passwords with friends and family members. 

“I don’t think that password sharing is that big of a deal because so many people are subscribed to Netflix, it seems like they are being greedy,” sophomore Ethan Bergman said. 

 Kohler said she is unsure as to whether she will keep her subscription in light of the possible changes. 

“Honestly, my parents are the ones who pay for it. If they decide that the cost is worth it then yes, but they might cancel the membership and switch to HBO Max instead,” Kohler said. “I couldn’t really tell you because I’m a ‘Netflix parasite’ myself.”

By Varlha Eugene