Latin students prepare for exam

Sophomore Noah Moletierre will be striving for perfection again when students in Latin I-IV classes take National Latin Exam this week.  Last year, he scored a perfect paper on the exam and received a hand-written certificate.

The National Latin Exam is a test given to more than 100,000 Latin students across the world and is sponsored by the National Junior Classical League. The test covers general knowledge of Latin grammar, vocabulary, mythology, Roman culture, derivatives and translation abilities,

“I feel the students will perform well as long as they do what I tell them and study from previous exams,” Latin teacher Virginia Wills said.

Freshman Srimayi Tenali and sophomore Noah Moletierre said they will be ready for the test because of their practice from previous year’s exams.

Tenali and Moletierre enjoy taking the test each year to see how they scored compared to other students.

“I also feel the exam is a good way to test how much we learned that year, which helps the teachers to see what they need to focus more time on,” Moletierre said.

The exam also gives out awards to exemplary scorers. The awards are (in increasing honor) cum laude (with praise), magna cum laude (with great praise) and summa cum laude (with greatest praise). There is a final award given to students who score a perfect paper, which is a hand-written certificate.

By Steven Tenbusch