Juniors register for last year of high-school classes

Yellow forms were distributed to juniors this week indicating it’s already time to sign up for fall classes.

“Filling out the schedule was yet another eye-opener for how close college is,” junior Conner Miles said.

With less than four months left of this school year, students not part of the graduating class are selecting classes for next year. Eleventh-graders selected their final high school schedule this past week and must turn in their forms by Monday.

Miles said time management was a factor in choosing classes.

“Next year, I want to manage my time studying better, and procrastinate less than I do now,” he said. “[This year,] I’d end up staying up till 2 or 3 a.m. to finish the terms or questions the night before it was due [in AP European History].”

Junior Jimmy Wood expressed similar thoughts.

“I want to have a better balance between school and life because I really pushed myself this year by taking a lot of AP classes,” he said.

Miles and Wood currently take at least five AP courses each, including AP Seminar.

“I’m a bit stressed about Capstone,” Miles said. “It’s very important I do well or else I won’t get the Capstone diploma. [That] would feel like a waste of two classes.”

Those who take AP Research next year must complete a 5,000-word paper detailing a research project they designed.

“I’m most stressed about AP Capstone because I think it will be my most demanding class,” Wood said.

Seniors have the option to take science research and compete at science fair or take traditional research and write their paper.

Despite saying he is stressed about which Capstone class he will take, Miles put Physics C on his schedule.

“It’s probably the coolest class I’m taking next year,” he said.

With all the consideration needed to select classes for next year, Miles and Wood both claim that they are anticipating senior events, like grad bash and the senior prank.

“I’m excited for Powderpuff as a senior because I thought it was a great time last year, even though [the juniors] lost,” Miles said. “We’ll get the juniors next year.”

By Emma Robinson