Junior recognized for shining STEM achievement

Junior Caleb Bryant won the 2014 Sunshine State Scholar Award for Brevard County. The award program recognizes high school juniors who excel at STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and shows them college and career opportunities.

The Sunshine State Scholars program is sponsored by the Florida Education Foundation, in collaboration with the State University System of Florida, the Florida College System, and the Florida Department of Education, and the winner receives a two-day trip to Orlando with the student’s parents and chosen teacher.

“I was really happy when I heard I won,” Bryant said. “And that my hard work was recognized by the state of Florida.”

Assistant Principal Jackie Ingratta said that the award is very difficult to achieve.

“Our students are more advanced than many students at other schools so they look here,” Ingratta said. “But even with West Shore’s advanced curriculum, only a few students will meet the criteria for this prestigious award.”

Bryant also said he appreciates the opportunity the award gives students.

“I like that the state has this program to recognize students who excel at STEM programs because it encourages people to pursue careers in STEM here in Florida,” said Bryant, adding that the program gives colleges the opportunity to teach Sunshine State Scholar winners about their programs.