Junior Class officer applications begin soon

As the April 21 deadline approaches, the incoming Junior Class officers will begin the application process on April 18. Sophomore Jadyn Rutherford plans to run for office.

I want to run for president so that I can have a decent amount of input in all of the decisions that are made,” Rutherford said. “I [hope] to get one of my friends to be my running mate and run for vice president.”

Rutherford plans to explore new fund-raising opportunities.

“I was thinking about having a bake sale or maybe a Pizza Gallery night,” she said. “I was also thinking of planning a beach day fund-raiser for the juniors just as a bonding event.” 

Rutherford said she also hopes to change the age limit of Prom.

 “I think that sophomores should be allowed to attend,” she said. “This year I couldn’t go to Prom with my boyfriend, who is a junior, because I am a sophomore. He and I missed out on a year of Prom together.”

Madelyn Sorgenfrei, the current Vice President of the Junior Class, said she wishes everyone the best for next year.

“I hope the incoming class of 2024 will have a smooth year and have as much fun as we did this year,” Sorgenfrei said.


By Rooney Saleh