Junior Class faces Prom-related obstacles

Deciding on a theme, finding the perfect location and picking out the decorations are just a small portion of what the Junior Class does in order to put on Prom each year. The juniors also have to raise money in order to be able to purchase all that they want. However, before they can even start, their fund-raisers must be approved by administration, a process that has proven difficult for current members of the Junior Class.

“As of right now, we’re not exactly where we want to be because a lot of our fund-raiser ideas have been turned down,”communications officer Jenna Bratman said. “However, we’ve had a couple of successful fund-raisers, and we are currently working on more ideas in order to get more money.”

The juniors started out with $800, all raised during their sophomore year, and have raised some money from the BRAX Spirit Cup and Dominoes Pizza Cards fund-raisers. However, they are unsure of how much money they currently have, and how much they’ll need in order to cover all their expenses.  Despite a rough start, Bratman remains optimistic that the juniors will be raise the necessary funding.

“We definitely want to make sure that we live up to the seniors’ expectations, and we already have some great ideas regarding decorations and other things to make Prom special,” Bratman said. “Our main goal is to just raise as much money as possible in order for us to easily do what we have in mind for Prom.”

The Junior Class also has the added obstacle of putting together a Prom that will compete with last year’s, which many claim to have been successful. The Class of 2016 raised upwards of $40,000.

“I loved Prom last year. It was really fun, and it looked amazing.” senior Joy Oni said. “I think the officers and everyone who helped out did great. I do think it was one of the best in West Shore history, just because of all the effort put in and how beautiful it was. ”

However, Oni has mirrored Bratman’s confidence in the Junior Class and is excited to see what it will come up with.

“I’m so excited for Prom this year,” Oni said, “I have no doubt that the juniors will do a great job. They should definitely play Beyoncé though, that’s my only suggestion.”

By Alexa Carlos