Interstellar evening pleases SGA

Saturday’s Homecoming dance was a success according to Student Government President Joanna Latorre.  The dance was open to all high schoolers and was held at the Melbourne Auditorium.  As it was a formal event, students wore elegant suits and dresses to match the “Interstellar” theme. 

SGA members started planning as early as the first day school. Sponsor Jessica Hartman said if she could change anything about Homecoming it would be to make it a little later in the year.

“As soon as we get here not even having a chance to breathe, we immediately have to get Homecoming going,” she said.

There weren’t many obstacles that Student Government faced when planning Homecoming.

“The officer team overcame every little conflict that there was,” Latorre said. “We would talk things out and agree on decorations.”

Latorre said the theme brought more opportunity for artistic expression.

“We were able to be a lot more creative with this one since galaxy hasn’t been done in many places,” she said. “We were all able to bring our brains together and come up with some cool ideas.” 


Selling 450 tickets, according to Hartman,  Student Government made a huge profit.

“We are going to use the money to do other projects for SGA,” Latorre said.

By Meerab Shahzad