International Fiesta set for Friday

Spanish Honor Society is throwing an International Fiesta on Friday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the cafeteria in order to spread cultural awareness with food, entertainment and flag representing countries throughout the world.  Admission is $3 and anyone in the school community is welcome to attend.

“I thought it was great,” senior and SHS club leader Smriti Sanjay-Gopal said. “It’s a great way to unify as a community, so like our school, with middle-school involvement as well as high-school involvement.”

Sanjay-Gopal said she hopes for a good turnout as SHS has hosted this event on and off for the past seven years.

“I remember one of the students, Natasha, from a couple of years ago,” Sanjay-Gopal said. “She sang and it was really cool. It’s cool to see the different flags. Oh, and eating food, that’s very fun. There is a cultural awareness factor too. That’s what I think is special about this event.”

SHS officer Ally Vernich seems to agree.

“We are not just doing Latin American countries,” she said. “We are also doing countries all over the world which is good since a lot of people don’t recognize countries other than America.”

Sanjay-Gopal said the fiesta will be an interesting way to inform others about cultural diversity.

“Especially in this time in our country,” she said. “A lot of people don’t realize there is more than just Mexico. When it comes to Latin American countries, there is a whole lot.”

By Sierra Vehec