Hate symbols spotted in locker room

Multiple swastikas — a symbol associated with the Nazi party, and Stars of David — a symbol associated with the religion of Judaism, have been scratched into various gym lockers, causing concern for some students.

“I personally don’t care, but I can see if somebody found it offensive,” freshman Maddox Pedrick said. “I also think it’s just immature.” 

Maddox said he only sees them while getting ready for lacrosse because he does not have a gym class.

“[The vandals] probably think it’s funny or are doing it to look edgy to friends,” he said.

Pedrick said he thinks most of the boys in the locker room feel the same way he does.

“I don’t hear anybody complain ever,” Maddox said. “I just think kids should stop doing it.” 

Junior Sebastian Rivera said he said he too has noticed the symbols on the lockers.

“To be honest I don’t agree with it but I’ve kind of become jaded and desensitized to it,” he said. 

But Rivera added that it saddens him that people are adding swastikas to the locker room.

“Everyone just kind of sees it but it doesn’t make its way into conversation,” he said. “Most people don’t care, and I can’t say that I’m shook over it being there, but it would be nice if it was gone.” 

By Jerry Sola