Habitat club assists at Strawberry Fest

Junior Lena Hatter and several other West Shore students volunteered through Habitat for Humanity at the recent Strawberry Fest at Wickham Park. Habitat for Humanity received around $6,300 from the profits brought in by the festival.

In order to receive a portion of the festival profits, Habitat for Humanity had to provide volunteers to manage stations including the bouncy houses and sack races.

“It was difficult to get a lot of volunteers because we needed around 20 per day,” Hatter said. “But in the end, it was worth it because we were able to receive a lot of money.”

The officers were able to enlist many student volunteers to participate, including non-West Shore students.

“I came to volunteer because Lena is my good friend, and I wanted to help her out with Habitat for Humanity,” Mel High junior Nina Kaufman said. “I’d also never been to the Strawberry Fest before, so this was a good opportunity to go and see what it was like.”

The festival is just one of the fund-raising activities Habitat for Humanity officers organize throughout the year.

“It made me feel better knowing that I was helping both Habitat for Humanity and my friends because I know they put a lot of work into organizing and fund-raising,” said Junior Zohra Mujeeb.

Habitat for Humanity next plans to host a walk-a-thon April 13.

“All of us have been working extremely hard on the upcoming walk-a-thon,” Hatter said. “I have hope it’ll turn out great.”

By Tyanna Tizol