Grad Bash tickets sell out in two days

Grad Bash tickets sell out in two days

With only 100 available tickets to this year’s Grad Bash, and 150 seniors, students raced to buy their tickets while they were on sale last week during Power Hour. The event has drawn a lot of popularity, with all the tickets being sold within the first two days of sales. Grad Bash is a graduation celebration for seniors that will occur on April 15 at Universal Studies.

Senior Krissy Mendez is excited to go to Grad Bash, and is also looking forward to seeing the musical performance, this year delivered by Jessie J.

“I’m excited to go because it’s just like a giant party and because I get to be with fellow seniors,” Mendez said. “It’s one of our last events as a class, so I’m hoping it will be really fun. I’m also excited to see Jessie J perform.”

Universal allotted the Senior Class 110 tickets to sell, with 10 of those reserved for parent chaperones. By the end of the first day of sales, all but 12 tickets had been purchased. The Senior Class has reserved two buses, each of which will seat 50 students and five chaperones. Senior Class sponsor Jill Whitacre said she wasn’t surprised the tickets sold out quickly because of how bonded the senior class is.

“This class participates in things above and beyond any other class that we’ve seen here at West Shore,” Whitacre said. “They are very close. They really care about each other and love to go and do fun things together. They’ve worked really hard to raise money and have done amazing fund-raisers.”

Whitacre also said she thinks that most people who wanted a ticket were able to get one, and those who could not were placed on a wait list.

“I sent out lots of reminders [about Grad Bash] so they would have the option of getting their tickets if they wanted,” Whitacre said. “And they did get them very quickly. But, some of those people that bought tickets won’t be able to go, and I only have three people on the wait list, so I don’t feel like there are that many people who wanted tickets, that didn’t get one.”

One student on the wait list is an Eastern Florida State College early admissions student and was not able to make it to school in time to purchase a ticket. The others were among the first people in line to buy their tickets, but because they did not turn in their leadership forms before or on the designated date, they were told that they had to wait and see if there were any leftover tickets.

“I accidentally turned in my leadership form a day late,” senior Jordyn Sosa said. “I was just upset with myself because I knew when the date was and I left it at home. It’s just pretty disappointing.”

Sosa remains hopeful that she will be able to attend if someone else backs out and is not able to make the event.

“I would definitely be excited if I could go,” Sosa said. “I’ve never been to Universal before, so that’s a plus. If I’m able to go, just hanging out with my friends at the park would be really fun.”

By Alexa Carlos