FCA headed for Collision at Mel-High

Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapters from throughout South Brevard County will be attending their second Collision at Melbourne High School on Nov. 12.

During the Collision, members meet and greet others and worship while bands from local churches play songs about faith, the church and God, according to junior Kyle Caudill.

Caudill, the co-president of West Shore’s chapter, describes the last Collision event held in late September.

“It was just a really reverent night and no one talked much. We actually just walked around to different places in the Mel High campus and prayed over different things going on in the school,” he said. “I really enjoyed it because it was very serious, and you know it didn’t take lightly all the issues that we see in school today.”

Sophomore Jade Norton said she’s looking forward to the November event.

“I’m very excited for Collision,” she said. “I didn’t get to go to the last one, and it’s just going be a great time. I’ll be able to meet with other Christians from other schools.”

That sense of solidarity also is on Caudill’s mind.

“I think Collision is a really great opportunity for students all around the county to see other people living for God in other schools,” he said. “It makes you realize just how much God is working.”

By Leighton Johnson