Excitement stirs for yearbook distribution

The end of the year always means tests: AP exams, finals, and FSAs. But it also means yearbook distribution, which junior Shelbi Winslow is eagerly awaiting.

“I usually get [a yearbook] every year,” Winslow said. “…And this year is my second-to-last yearbook, so that’s kind of significant.”

And this year, the yearbook staff has been keeping the cover of the yearbook a secret from the students. Winslow said she’s excited to see what the cover will look like, and that she hopes it’s a good one.

“I didn’t like…don’t remember what year it was, but one year [the yearbook] had a cover that was white and I didn’t like that because it got dirty really fast,” Winslow said. “It was a good design, but I didn’t like the fact that it was white. So hopefully we don’t get a white cover this year.”

Spanish teacher Luis Martin isn’t as concerned with this year’s yearbook design, as he says West Shore has made some of the most amazing yearbooks he has ever seen. And because he has seen school yearbooks from 1982 to present day, this statement carries a lot of weight.

“I’m always excited about West Shore’s yearbook,,” Martin said. “It’s a great memento for [students] to keep, especially seniors.”

Martin would know as he has a homeroom class of seniors, who he says are excited for their last yearbook. And though there are some kids who don’t care about yearbooks or think they’re a waste of money, he says he feels bad for them because they won’t have a yearbook to help them remember high school.

“The…value yearbooks have is sentimental,” Martin said. “Nobody else in any part of the world will care about this book as much as you’ll care about it.”

Winslow agrees, saying that she buys yearbooks so that she can look through them and look back on the memories she made that year.

“I liked the seventh grade [yearbook] especially because like, we were all babies and we all looked really little, so it’s kind of funny, to look back on it now,” she said.

Yearbooks will be distributed to seniors during an exclusive pizza party sponsored by the Arcadia staff May 20 during seventh period. Pre-ordered books will be distributed to all other students May 22 during Power Hour.

By Surina Venkat