Eastern Florida not yet ready for early admissions registration

When junior Kailey Fairchild visited guidance with the intent to receive information about early admissions at Eastern Florida State College for next year, she was surprised to hear that early admissions may not be possible going forward, and was given no further explantation. With all the budget cuts in the district, she was left wondering whether dual enrollment and early admissions may be the next programs to be cut, due to the economic problems that Brevard Public Schools face.

“I was really worried about early admissions being cut because I plan to graduate high school with my associates degree from EFSC,” Fairchild said. “I wouldn’t be able to get my degree without doing early admissions.”

However, Fairchild’s worries were for nothing: EFSC dual enrollment coordinator Lynn Demetriades confirmed that there will be opportunities for dual enrollment and early admissions, at least for next year.

“We [EFSC] will be delivering the early admissions packets probably around the beginning of March, and they will be due in the first week of May,” Demetriades said. “We will be doing dual enrollment and early admissions.”

In the past, West Shore students registered for classes in late February or early March, which worked with the distribution of early admissions packets in early March. However, this year students are registering for classes at West Shore six weeks earlier than the school has done in the past, which could be the cause of the confusion.