Custodian dinner kicks off Christmas break

Most people think of Christmas as a time of receiving: with a constant flow of gifts, cookies and carols. Fellowship of Christian Athletes, however, has taken on the attitude of serving others this season. The club plans to host a dinner for custodians on Mondayat 2:45 p.m. in the cafeteria. Senior Melinda Silaghi expressesdher excitement toward the upcoming event.

“[This dinner] is going to be an awesome way not only to serve the custodians as they serve us but also to mirror God’s love,” SIlaghi said. “So far we have received 11 RSVPs, and there are in all 14 custodians and kitchen staff. We’ll see if the three other custodians respond.”

This event will be a collaborative effort by all of the FCA members as a whole. A lot of dedication and planning has gone into this dinner and many have signed up during club meetings to volunteer for different positions.

“I signed up to be part of the cleanup crew after the custodians have finished eating,” junior Garrett Jerdon said. “I think it’s ironic, in a good way, because for once they don’t need to worry about the mess. For once, we will be doing the cooking and cleaning. I hope to bring positivity and appreciation to this effort. We need to show the custodians that seeing them work hard every day to keep our school clean, many times with a smile, means a lot to us as students. We wouldn’t have this great school without them.”

Through weekly meetings and collaborative activities such as this, Fellowship of Christian Athletes continues to grow as both a club and as a body of witnesses.

“I just love watching how God is working in and through FCA,” Silaghi said. “…We truly are a family. FCA has grown both spiritually and physically this year and it’s just been amazing to see how we have been able to contemplate and explore the riches of God’s grace in His Word. Every person that comes into that [Debra Jerdon’s] room brings something with them that enriches the group. God is good. All the time.”

Fellowship of Christian Athletes will resume after Winter Break on Jan. 13. Meetings are held in math teacher Debra Jerdon’s room during Power Hour A and B and all students are encouraged to come out for a time of fellowship.

By Lauren Novak