Capstone kicks off with pizza party

Alexa Carlos, Staff Writer

Because they’ve signed up for one of the most difficult and time-consuming Advanced Placement courses, AP Capstone Seminar teacher Jeannie Griffin thinks the students deserve a reward.

The first AP Capstone pizza party will be held Wednesday immediately after school in the cafeteria. If parents would like to earn volunteer hours, they can bring soda and snacks. Students from both the AP Capstone Seminar and Research classes are invited to attend.

Griffin said the pizza party is being held to recognize the students’ dedication and commitment to Capstone, adding that because AP Capstone is more of a program than a course, a pizza party is a good way for the students to feel appreciated. She also mentioned that getting the juniors and seniors to bond more and build a sense of teamwork was another reason to have the party.

“I think it’s cool that we’re going to have this pizza party because it shows that the teachers know the amount of work we’re going to have to put in,” junior Michelle Adams said. “At first I was undecided on whether or not I was going to take Capstone because the people I talked to didn’t really recommend the program. In the end, I decided that it would benefit me in the long run and I think I made a good choice.”

In the past, Capstone students have received pizza in class after finishing their main tasks, however, in the three years the Capstone course has been at West Shore, this is the first time the students are getting a party specifically for them.

“My opinion on Capstone as a whole was definitely not a positive experience,” senior Nic Stelter said. “There were many sleepless nights and topic changes up until a week before the deadline, but you know what, now that we’re getting free pizza, I think it’s all worth it.”

Fliers will also be handed out at the party for a Capstone T-shirt contest.