Cafeteria renovation to begin in May

With the cafeteria relying on the profits made from the food that they sell to keep the staff employed, the Food Service department has decided that a remodel will fix the issues at hand.

It has been a awhile since [the] café has received an update so we were thrilled to hear that West Shore was chosen to be remodeled,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said. “We certainly hope that it will encourage, more students to eat lunch at school. The focus group of students also made suggestions on what could be done to help improve the menus. The lines are being opened up so they are no longer behind walls.  We are putting in a door from the commons area and there will be new furniture so students will be able to sit in groups instead of at long tables.”

Along with these changes, the current double doors at the entrance of the cafeteria will be where students and staff begin to enter, and the two single doors at the entrance will become the exit doors.

“I think the changes will work and will bring more revenue in,” freshman Abdullah Shahzad said. “I feel like it will be more appealing to all of West Shore. There will be new seating, design and artwork along with newly organized lunch lines.”

Senior Juan Rodriguez has mixed feelings about the renovation.

“I don’t think the new changes will make students want to eat more school lunch since the actual food isn’t changing,” he said. “It’s only the aesthetics of the establishment. I personally don’t care too much about about the changes since I’m graduating soon, but it’ll be nice to know that my alma mater is beginning to look nice so that more people will actually want to come to West Shore. It’s a nice change, and I hope students take care of it.”

Construction is scheduled to begin right after lunch on May 24.

By Valery Linkenhoker