Body found in river near campus

Promptly at 7:01 a.m. Monday the body of a man was found in the river off of South Magnolia Avenue within on mile of the school campus.

“There was a complaint stating they believed they observed a white man floating that appears to be deceased,” School Resource Officer Chuck Landmasser said. “They responded out there, with the dive team assisting to discover the deceased person, but at this time there doesn’t seem to be any foul play.”

The amount of time he was in the canal remains undetermined, but there were clues to who he might be.

“It wasn’t advised how long he was in the water but they think he might be a veteran due to some of the tattoos, however, they haven’t positively identified him,” Landmasser said.

Sophomore Hannah Brusca said she was confused as to what actually happened since rumors had been spread prior to hearing what Landmasser had informed her about.

“I saw a bunch of police cars in the neighborhood and heard from someone that they had found a dead body,” Brusca said. “I didn’t believe them until I heard it from Officer Landmasser. I felt like it was a CSI episode.”