Band aims to go beyond ‘excellence’

For the past week, Band Director Carol Allen has been putting everything she has into her Wind Ensemble so they can perform to the best of their ability at Friday’s Musical Performance Assessment.

The Wind Ensemble’s most recent performance at Pre-MPA was not what Allen had in mind. Judges remarked that band members lacked enthusiasm in their playing and the music wasn’t loud enough throughout the three pieces.

Despite these comments, Allen said she remains optimistic about the band’s upcoming performance at the annual MPA at Eau Gallie High School.

“I think they will do well,” Allen said. “I think everyone really wants to do this. I get a really good vibe walking into fourth period every day. I have complete faith in them.”

Senior Robert Edmiston said Allen is preparing the band well for their rapidly approaching performance with breathing exercises and an extra afterschool rehearsal on Thursday.

“I feel like Ms. Allen has been pushing us and is making us so we will be prepared for it,” Edmiston said. “I’m very optimistic for how we are going to do on Friday.”

Although earning a superior rating would be nice, Allen said some things are even more important to her.

“Getting a superior is sort of objective,” Allen said. “If we don’t worry about the rating and play with emotion, energy and intensity, the rating should work itself out. I don’t care what we get, as long as they do their best.”

Last year’s Wind Ensemble earned an ‘excellent’ rating at MPA. Allen confidently predicted this year’s musicians will out-perform that group.

“It will be a much more polished performance,” Allen said.

After multiple years of “excellence,” Edmiston said he’s ready for the band to advance to the top level.

“It’s our time to show everyone that West Shore isn’t just a brainiac school,” he said.

By Katie Garwood