Annual French fund-raiser postponed

The annual Soirée Française fund-raiser originally slated for Oct. 24 has been pushed back until Feb. 6 because of a conflict of schedules that would have excluded band students from participating.

During Soirée Française, which is hosted by French students and members of the French Honor Society, crêpes are to be served in the cafeteria and afterwards a movie will be watched in the cafeteria.

With a goal of raising $500, a total of 100 tickets will need to be sold, according to French teacher Jennifer Walker.

“Every year there is a $500 scholarship the money raised is used for,” Walker said. “The scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who has performed exemplary service for the French program.”

Last year was one of the biggest turnouts with almost 100 people attending.

Junior Trung Van already is anticipating the event.

“I expect them to have more food and options because we ran low a little on crêpes last year, but the ones we had tasted really good,” he said.

By Jett Morgan