Administration deals with loss of buses

Administration deals with loss of buses

Public school buses no longer will be a part of campus life next fall.

In February, the Brevard County School Board decided to cut public busing for the choice schools, including West Shore and Edgewood. An immediate effect of the school board’s decision is a dramatically increased number of students needing to be dropped off in the carloop. The administration has decided to have the former bus loop serve as a second bus loop, but plan to implement trial and error to find a suitable solution to the increased number of cars in the car loop. Principal Rick Fleming believes their car loop plans for next year will constantly change and be adjusted, but they can find a permant solution.

“I call it a lesson in camping. When I go camping, I can vividly remember saying to myself things like ‘I wish I had a flashlight, I wish I had bug spray, I wish I had sunscreen.’ That is similar to situation we are in now. We will constantly be adjusting the plan,” Fleming said.

The initial plan is to make the original car loop for seventh and eighth graders and have it only be accesible from the south side of Wildcat Alley and only departable to the south toward Babcock. Then, the additional car loop will cater all high school students and will only be accesible from the north side of Wildcat Alley. The cars will have to turn right on Wildcat Alley toward Nieman Avenue. This will split up the two car loops and help to avoid mishaps or traffic. Fleming believes with time, the students and parents will become more comfortable with the new situation.

“As people start to see how the plan works, they will get the hang of it and there won’t be any problems,” Fleming said. ” This is a good plan and if executed correctly will become an effective long-term solution.”

Some students including sophomore Noah Quinones fear the loss of buses and increased number of cars will have negative effects on the effectiveness and smoothness of dropping off students.

“I think having two seperate car loops will lead to more crashes and injuries,” Quinones said. “It could be harmful to anyone that uses the car loop.”