‘Time to be alive’ disappoints

‘Time to be alive’ disappoints

Jonah Hinebaugh, Entertainment Editor

The two hottest artists of 2015 have collaborated to create a rather undistinguished album. This is no surprise since almost every collaboration similar to this is a dud. Drake’s “Great White North” flow doesn’t always fire on all cylinders with Future’s “Dirty South” style. That’s not to say songs like “Jumpman”, “Scholarship” or “Diamonds Dancing” don’t connect. It’s just the other six songs they rap together on aren’t that caliber.

I’m not sure you could expect much more from a project that materialized in only a six-day recording session. The two also must’ve been on different pages when they recorded because while Drake talks about ghostwriting allegations, Future seems to be in some state of rumination talking about his drug use to “fight the demons.”

The best songs are arguably the final two, “Jerseys” and “30 for 30 Freestyle”, where each rapper has a song to themselves and can really showcase their talents.

Despite the notable differences, Drake and Future come together and create an album that you can listen to when you’re looking for more energy, less content.