Triumphant Trick

Madhav Pamidimukkala, Staff Writer

With cars parked on the auditorium curb, tables stacked to the roof of the pavilion, and foam cups littering the cafeteria floor, the senior prank disrupted campus life for at least one morning. The annual occurrence which gives seniors the opportunity to plan and execute a playful prank against the rest of the school included a variety of pranks that left no part of the school untouched. 

“Overall I liked this year’s prank better than the last few years because of how we did not use a ‘theme’ for the prank,” senior Rohan Saini said. “We did a bunch of random stuff, which allowed it to be more unique and fun.”

The process of getting a prank approved is lengthy and detailed in order to ensure the safety of students. 

“The Senior Class leadership runs their prank idea by their adviser and SRO,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said. “Sometimes if the activity is questionable, administration is involved. The seniors also have to get permission from anyone whose room they will be entering, and the advisor confirms it. Seniors aren’t allowed go through a staff members personal belongings like a desk.”

According to Halbuer, many of the pranks were a surprise to administration and some posed a safety risk to other students. 

“Most of this year’s pranks were not approved,” Halbuer said. “No one received disciplinary action; however, the water cups on the stairwells and the Vaseline on the stair handles could have resulted in serious injury. We had a student almost fall because of the residual Vaseline left on the hand rails in building.”

Through the chaos and disorganization, seniors made memories planning and organizing the pranks with their friends. 

“It was great experience because we all worked together and had a great time overall,” senior Myles Lindsey said. “Arranging the tables in the pavilion was the best part because we were joking around and raising the umbrella to look like the Iwo Jima flag raising.”