Theaters give classic movies new life

Violet Chace, Reprter

Older movies are being brought back to the big screen in theaters in Melbourne with Flashback Cinema to show off movies that some people may never have had the chance to see in theaters.

“My favorite was ‘Jaws’ because I hadn’t seen it in a really long time, so it was more of an experience seeing it on the big screen for the first time in years than if I would have just watched it at home,” Madison Hannah (10) said.

Flashback Cinema often shows movies based on a theme connecting to time of year. For example, ‘Jaws’ is usually played around July 4th when the movie takes place. In-between holidays, they show other hit movies from the past.

Adalynn Jackson (9) said said she has seen several Flashback Cinema movies.

“There’s been a lot,” she said. “But honestly ‘Spaceballs’ was such a great experience. I love that movie so much. That was my first time [seeing it] and I was very, very happy about it.”

One reason local theaters such as The Oaks offer flashback Cinema on Sundays and Wednesdays is to allow generations who may not have had the opportunity to see a movie in theaters when it was first released.

“[My mom] would take us to see all these old movies because they were classics that we didn’t really have on DVD or anything,” Jackson said. “She wanted to show me anyway, so we would go like every weekend.” 

Movie theaters have surround sound in a screen far bigger than TVs in most homes. The opportunity to see a higher-quality version of an older movie is a feature that makes people gravitate towards Flashback Cinema.

“It’s more nostalgic seeing [‘Sandlot’] on the big screen in the theater with the big speakers, and all the people just here to see a throwback movie,” Hannah said.

The next movie playing at Flashback Cinema is “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” Released in 1987, the film is set at Thanksgiving. 

“The experience of just going and hanging out with your friends and getting food and all that kind of stuff gives a certain feel to it,” Jackson said.

By Violet Chace