Theater kids prepare for tech week

The fall musical premieres Friday, so that means Monday begins an intense week of preparation.

“Tech week is where we run through the whole play so we can fix any mistakes, make sure the movement on the stage is good and make sure everyone’s lines are flowing well, so when the first show comes around all the flaws are fixed,” junior Victoria Skags said.

This year’s Tech week will be different due to the disturbance of Hurricane Irma, which pushed the play into a week that is busier than usual.

“Because of Irma it messed up the schedule for tech week,” Skags said. “We won’t be able to have practice one day because of (Thursday’s) parent-teacher conferences, also one day practice will be cut short because of Barnes and Noble night.” 

The days that have not been interrupted by schedule problems spell late nights for the students.

“We are having rehearsals after school and even staying at late as 9 p.m. some days,” senior Catherine Tenbusch said.

Late practices can affect students because on top of the late practices, they also have to continue to get their school work done as well. Tenbusch said the extra work is worth it in the end.

“It’s really stressful but it’s also exciting and is always really fun to see the finished show,” she said.

By Stephanie Gaulin