‘Squid Game’ popularity spikes on campus


“Squid Game” has become very popular on Netflix.

When sophomore Arvin Navarroza opened TikTok, he found himself scrolling through video after video about “Squid Game,” a popular Netflix original series. Like many others, Navarroza decided to watch the show and after the first episode, he was hooked.

“I enjoyed ‘Squid Game’ mostly because of the characters,” Navarroza said. “I have always taken a liking towards characters with strong will and determination. I was also interested in the concept of survival games since they invoke thrill and surprise in every episode.”

The K-drama follows a group of low-class Koreans as they play a series of deadly survival games. The winner receives millions of dollars. The show has inspired TikTok trends, Halloween costumes, memes and more.

Navarroza said he is not surprised that the show has become so popular.

“I think that ‘Squid Game’ gained so much popularity because of its likable characters and unique concept,” Navarroza said. “Unlike other survival games, it appeals to its audience because the situation could possibly be a reality.”

However, freshman Cameron Coalter said she was not impressed.

“I don’t like ‘Squid Game’ because it seems so fake,” she said. “It would be one thing if it was realistic, but it seems so fictional that it doesn’t interest me. It’s just another weird Netflix show.”

By Kahlia Hsieh