Seven selected for All-State chorus, orchestra

After undergoing a rigorous audition process, seven students have been selected to be part of All-State musical groups. The students obtaining a position within these groups were chosen for their talents in singing or playing an instrument. These musicians will be representing the school early next year.

Eighth-grader Katelyn C. and freshman Dylan O’ Bryan have been selected for All-State chorus.

“I was so happy when I heard the news,” Katelyn C. said. “The first thing I did was call my mom, and we had a big celebration that night.”

To qualify, students had to successfully complete a three-part audition.

“The first step of the process is to complete a written test. Then, if you score high enough you are given sheet music, and have to sight read in front of judges,” O’ Bryan said. “If the judges believe you qualify after completing the second part you advance onto the vocal quality test where the administrators provide music to prepare with.”

Katelyn C. said the second part of the audition process, sight reading, was the most difficult overall.

“We had to sing into a voice recorder, and also had no previous knowledge of the music which made it the hardest part,” Katelyn C said.

Both students will travel in January at the FMEA Conference in Tampa.

“Dylan and I will be missing two days of school in January to practice for this opportunity,” Katleyn C. said. ” I don’t know the details of what we will be doing, but I am looking forward to it.

Along with the two students selected for All- State chorus, there were also students chosen to be in All-State orchestra.

“All- State orchestra is a great opportunity for students in Florida. We are given a chance to participate in the orchestra if we give a successful audition,” sophomore Andrew Leonard informed.

In Brevard County, West Shore had the greatest number of students selected to be in All- State orchestra. Andrew Leonard, Yoosang Park, Zachary Zaroogian, James L. and Ben P. are five out of the 12 qualifying students.

“To be selected, we had to play an an excerpt, a scale, and had to sight read with our instruments,” Leonard said. “I prepared by going over the materials months in advance with a private instructor.”

These students will also be appearing at the FMEA Conference.

By Rachel Stazzone