Perry releases new single featuring Zedd

Katy Perry plays a love-obsessed robot in her new music video for “365” with her love interest being Zedd.

“The music video was about a robot who was having human emotions put into her. Later, she is tested with a human, but the human doesn’t love her and she can’t figure out how to love him,”  junior Madison Konicki said. “On the last day of her testing, day 365, she’s unplugged and while she is ‘dying’ she sees robots that look like her and her eyes turn into hearts as she falls in love with herself.”

The music video was released on Valentine’s Day and has reached almost 20 million views on YouTube within the past week.

“I loved the music video,” senior Reinaldo Alers said. “It added so much more to the song, and it had a cute yet dark twist near the end.”

Perry has been releasing music since the early 2000s, and her music has progressed since then.

“She still has crazy music videos,” Konicki said. “But they’re more complex and less childish in a way.”

In addition to changes in her music, Perry has changed stylistically.

“Katy Perry is becoming more comfortable with herself and her style,” Alers said .

By Victoria Skaggs