Pandemic upends chorus performances

The chorus classes have announced that the Disney Candlelight Processional along with All-State and All-County conferences have been canceled. The chorus classes typically would be practicing for these events, but due to COVID-19, that opportunity has passed.

“I never did Candlelight, but I was pretty disappointed because our class was supposed to observe performances and learn from that,” Gabriella Cintron (10) said.” All-State was a little shocking because I thought I would actually get to try this year. So it was overall pretty disappointing.” 

After learning the events chorus classes would generally take are canceled, teacher Melanie Richardson questioned whether chorus classes would be able to perform this year. 

“Rules are constantly changing revolving concerts, so it is still extremely up in the air on if a concert will be planned or even possible,” Richardson said. “Another factor affecting concerts is whether there will be enough time to put a concert together by the end of the semester. Usually, chorus is working on concert material for an entire semester, so time is definitely against us if we would even be able to put a concert together in time.”

The chorus classes have put together rules and regulations to protect students from COVID-19. Students are not allowed to sing inside, limiting the amount of practice time for chorus concerts if they were rescheduled. 

“Depending on weather, we can go outside to sing, but it is extremely difficult to sing outside,” Richardson said.”We are required to wear masks, even when we are outside, unless we are six feet apart. Wearing masks while singing makes it extremely difficult to breathe and also muffles the sounds we are making. Though we could take the masks off if we separated, we are then not able to hear each other very well or even at all, which just leads to ineffective rehearsals. I am constantly brainstorming ideas on how to make this a better process.”

Cintron said she longs for the way the class used to be.

“I really do appreciate chorus more since the pandemic mostly because I took it for granted before,” she said. “I didn’t realize how much I actually enjoyed the class before.”

By Mackenzie Sullivan