Nile Foundation art and and writing contest accepting applications

The Nile Foundation and Atlantic Institute partnered together to put on the 2013-2014 Global Connections Art and Essay Contest. The theme of the contest is “Connecting Cultures in the Digital Age: How does social media change the future of our world?”

Participants can either write a true story, narrative, informative or persuasive essay, or create a drawing, painting, collage, photography, or graphic design related to the theme.

Art teacher Matt Henderson recommended that students participate in art contests.

“Art contests are an excellent way for students to evaluate their work,” Henderson said. “I enjoy the chance they give students to display their work because more often than not, the only people who get to see the work are other students in the class.”

Language arts teacher Carrie Glass said she appreciates the opportunity the contest gives her students.

“I like the contest because it allows students, especially my seventh and eighth graders, a chance to go outside of the classroom and be independent with their writing,” Glass said.

Awards include an all-expenses paid 10 day trip to Turkey, iPads, and cash prizes up to $200. All submissions are due by Dec. 20.