MS SGA leaders pleased with dance

The auditorium was dressed up with lights and stars to match the “Starry Night” theme, and behind the scenes, four middle schoolers pulled the strings to make the fall middle-school dance possible.

“I was basically told ‘plan the dance’ and was given a set of guidelines to follow,” middle-school SGA president Warrick F. said.

The dance had to be on Nov. 30, it had to be in the auditorium, nothing could be hung from the ceiling and the dance had to cost less than the budgeted $2,000. Middle-school SGA treasurer Izzy P. said keeping within the budget was easier than expected.

“The parents were really helpful,” Izzy said. “They actually donated a lot of the food, which helped cut back on cost.”

Warrick, Izzy and the rest of the middle school student government, had direct influence on what the dance would be like. Warrick F worked to contact the seventh- and eighth-graders to get their input on the three proposed themes: “Starry Night,” “Enchanted Forest” or “Underground.”

“I basically gave them three options and went around and they just told me what they wanted,” Warrick said. “Also, kind of informal, but I posted the options on SnapChat.”

Since there were restrictions on decorations, a parent donated a projector to project stars on the ceiling to match the theme. After the dance, the middle-school government still had work to do.

“We sought out feedback,” Izzy said. “We asked for negative feedback because we want to improve for the next dance.”

The group has already started to plan for the next dance, with the estimated date being sometime in March. One of the challenges they faced was not being able to add everything they wanted due to running out of planning time.

“The only thing I wished for was that we had more time to do this,” Izzy said. “We wanted to have a photo booth, but because of time constraints we weren’t able to get the information through the school board.”

Warrick said the only complaint he got was about the music, and that he’s already looking to fix that for the next dance.

“I talked to the DJ beforehand and he said he would take song requests,” Warrick said. “There was a piece of paper and a lot of people wrote down song requests, but he never took them. He never actually played them.”

Overall, both students considered the dance a success.

“It was every energetic, everyone seemed energetic at the dance, which was nice,” Izzy said.

Said Warrick: “I was honestly really nervous before, because I knew people would really like it or really hate it, and whichever of those, it would go to me because ‘oh, president, let’s blame you!’. So I was relieved when they liked it.”

 By Delaney Gunnell

Editor’s Note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.