League of Legends celebrates with many changes

“League of Legends” reached its 10-year milestone on Oct. 15, but the celebration is still ongoing. Along with their release of a few Halloween-related skins and an average patch, Riot games announced an entire line of products coming soon which shocked and amazed many, while concerning some. 

“LoL” is introducing a new champion: Senna. Summoners are already familiar with her name, having been teased in the lore of and related to two other champions, Lucian who is her husband, and Thresh, who stole her soul and kept it with him in his lantern before she escaped onto the rift. Her abilities and in-game model are still unreleased.

The major changes are as follows: 

• “TFT” (Team Fight Tactics) is being released onto the mobile platform, while a PC exclusive update for TFT going by the name “Rise of the Elements” will be released at the same time, adding elemental themes to the base game.

• “LoR” (Legends of Runeterra) will be released to mobile and PC as a card game similar to Hearthstone that utilizes LoL’s current champions and mechanics.

• “Wild Rift,” an adaptation of LoL with simplified controls and mechanics will be released to console and mobile as their version of the full game.

• “Arcane,” an animated series following League of Legends characters is to be released for online streaming.

• “League of Legends Origins,” a feature-length documentary about the history of the main game and it’s community.

• The Riot Games Social Impact Fund, which will directly donate a portion of the benefits from special events to charitable organizations.

All of these changes are set to be released late 2020, with pre-registration currently open.

There are also two projects which are unofficial and have no release date set, but media has been released by Riot games pertaining to their development. These are Project A, a first-person character shooter based off of the LoL champion roster, and project L, a side-view fighting game similar to Super Smash Bros or Street Fighter, also based on the current champion pool.

“It’s weird that they are releasing so many spinoff games all at once without mentioning it before, but it makes for a good surprise,” Scott Quigley (11) said. 

By Gabe Carro