Frisbee Frenzy


Alexa Carlos Tamez, Editor in Chief

While some kids get ready for music lessons, theater rehearsal or soccer practice after school, senior Erik Dearmin, along with a few friends, engages in a slightly different activity: ultimate Frisbee.

“[Spacecoast Ultimate Frisbee] was first organized a few years ago,” Dearmin said. “But for some reason it kind of fell apart. Last year, a friend of mine, Adam [Donato] started it up again just as a way for us to have fun and to meet new people.”

Ultimate Frisbee is a game that combines the popular sports of soccer, football and basketball. There are seven people on a team, and the purpose of the game is to pass the Frisbee into the team’s end zone. In order to score, the team has to pass it to a player who is either standing or running into

the end zone.

“I like that [ultimate Frisbee] is relatively easy to learn,” senior Hannah LeBeau said. “I decided to try it out one day over the summer, and I really liked that it was fun and easy.”

The self-organized Spacecoast Ultimate Frisbee group normally plays twice a week, usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Max Rodes park or Hoover soccer complex.

“A lot of my friends play, so I decided to try it not too long ago,” senior Sarah Edmiston said. “I had fun meeting new people.”