‘Friday Not Live’ ends run on WCTZ News

WCTZ series ‘Friday Not Live’ has recently stopped airing. Its last showing was Jan. 29.
A few run-ins with administration and a lack for new ideas brought a new absence, according to junior Gracie Moravecky, who had been on the show.

“Originally it was because one of the episodes we made, admin didn’t really approve of it, so that was the main reason,” Moravecky said. “Overall we just thought it was kind of worn out and we wanted something new.”

The stopping of the show brings new things to WCTZ News.

“This just opens a door to other funny things we have in the works,” Andrew Catti (10) said. “We’ll see how the Westshorians like it.”

Even though “FNL” has now stopped, it might not be the end, according to Catti.

“Maybe we’ll bring ‘FNL’ back,” he said.” It just matters if the West Shore kids really like the new ideas we bring to the table.”

There are no hard feelings from Moravecky.

“I’m glad just because some people liked it and some people hated it,” she said ”Sometimes you get kind of a bad rep for doing it. It can be embarrassing at times, but yeah I’m kind of happy to see it go so we can start working on something new.”

Some of Moravecky’s favorite memories were only able to be seen off air.

“Shooting the anchor scene, every day where its just me and Robby Benezra at the desk or whatever, that’s always the most fun,” she said.”We have so many bloopers and 90 percent of them are fails. It takes forever to get the right ones.”

By Caroline Cahill