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Courtesy of Cooper LaMontagne

Thespian Cooper LaMontagne rallies other “Newsies” around him during the musical number “The World Will Know.

Laith Rukab, Managing Editor

In 1899, newsboys sold “papes” for a penny a paper. “Newsies,” were known to make money through their charm or if the paper had an appealing headline. After the war, newspaper revenue dropped. So to increase revenue, publishers raised the price of the paper by charging newsies from 50 to 60 cents for 100 papers which made a huge financial hardship on the newsboys. Even when most publishers agreed to go back to old prices, Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst, who had too much pride and wouldn’t step down in favor of the newsies. In this David vs. Goliath move, a handful of newsies took a strike against the two newspapers and joined forces with other parts of New York and storming the streets. The story of “Newsies” was brought to the Cocoa Village Playhouse and ran for four weekends after January 29th. Based on the 1992 Disney film, the group of thespians that participated was able to depict the story without flaw and almost perfect execution. With only two months of work that was put into the show, I was very impressed with the exciting product which I had experienced in the two times viewing the show. With a live orchestra led by music director and conductor Bob Barone. The orchestra was able to help to feature the original choreography by Megan Abbott and allow for an amazing performance by the cast. “The World” created by scenic designer Daniel Allen, lighting designer Ian Cook, and costume designer Daniel Hill helped illustrate what it was like to be a Newsie of myself. I would recommend future productions and shows that are put on at the playhouse. Not only for the quality of the productions but the scenery and professionalism of the staff and show coordinators who work at the playhouse. The Cocoa Village Playhouse will continue with their spring shows with Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” featuring our Stars of Tomorrow Youth Performers. For more information, visit the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse regarding auditions and dates/tickets.